And also, the low input lag suitable for gamers. Just about everything about it is pretty good so far but unfortunately the TV won't allow me to adjust the aspect ratio when viewing films on the inbuilt media center via a HDD. I have logged a call now with all the info and some example videos that they can test with. I want to watch all my media files though the TV's media player and if this can't be fixed I consider this to be a fault. I can change the aspect ratio on my Panasonic plasma via its inbuilt media player with no issue playing the exact same files. I posted a google doc explaining the issue with some small videos you can download to test here. I'm assuming Hisense R&D have this link? so I contacted them and they put me in direct contact with a Hisense Engineer. I haven't contacted support. I don't have that issue. And Hisense is adding this gaming mode in their TVs with great features. I only recently started having this problem as well. I mostly have my movies as mkvs. The way programmers and developers work on devices is by interfacing with device supplied APIs (application programming interface). Any luck with this?Who are you contacting at hi sense I might call them as well, I have the K322UW, and the same aspect ratio issues (among others). Ours does the same thing. Hmmm, might be some bug in the Amazon App in the TV as you have suggested. They have no idea if or when anything will be fixed, and are totally dependent on China for any firmware and have no idea when or if China will give them new firmware, even if they tell you otherwise. Audio at Auto passthrough for 5.1 sound. Other than these problems the Hisense 55" with HDR that I bought is pretty good bang for the buck (USD 545) given the time I bought it. Both cords work on every I've made two calls to Hisense about this, the first of which was when the set was very new. Not what I wanted but it's a solution I guess. Sorry to dredge up an old post guys but I've just purchased a 58K322UW from HN and I'm having the same aspect ratio issues as described above. They will tell you that there is a local support person working on it but that person will never be available, always "not here today". COMPACT; FULL SIZE; ... Stay up to date with Hisense emails about new products & other news. None of the menu options for picture size make any difference – the only thing that works is power off at the wall. Not sure if that had anything to do with it at all but it was worth a shot I guess. technical support services. Why doesn't it default to "Normal" instead of "Full Screen"!! I don't understand. I can't find anywhere in the options to turn this off, or force a particular aspect ratio. I posted a google doc explaining the issue with some small videos you can download to test here. The support guy said that this was normal. And the TV is still zooming movies, this is annoying. It happens when trying to play videos in the Amazon app on the TV itself. I've emailed the USA Hisense support. I ended up calling Hisense, got a new G0607 firmware sent to me for the K321UW, which does allow the aspect control to work, both tvs now fine with aspect control. I thought it is just my tv. Hisense Group Flat Panel Television ledn50k360gp. Edit: Just checked and I'm actually am using G0607 Firmware. No stretching etc. Did you check the settings? 1 Answer Hello I have hisense tv 43 inch roku tv it was working properly and all of a sudden it would not turn on I try turning it on then the screen with cut in lines and then it would go black the screen next then light to turn on switch will light up and it would not start with unplugging nor key codes or … 2. windows 10 Miracast will not connect with my Hisense tv, can someone  tell me why,do I need drivers updates or do I need to just wait until someone @ the main office to fix it with a download. They suggested they have a firmware fix for 4k Bluray players, but that is all the latest firmware resolves. Mobile Phone Repair - Residential Curbside Service Maybe there is a newer version that fixes the issue. I posted a message about it here, and only just found this thread from searching for "Hisense aspect ratio". You can read this article for solving your how to connect iPhone to Hisense tv problems. official Model: TN58.V00.K321.UWAUFirmware: V00.01.00a.F0624, Having all the same issues – I started a thread on the plex forum too. Called Hisense today to see if there was a firmware update – said F0624 is the latest and to try a 'hard reset'. By clicking through the different sections of the Self Help Guides you will find “how-to” information for operating your new TV or kitchen appliance, as well as helpful … However, the speaker can not be added. Increase the ‘Color’ setting. NOTE: Some troubleshooting steps may be different from your (Samsung, SONY, LG, Hisense, TCL, VIZIO) TV or remote control but generally will work the same to fix the problem.