Early in the match, Asahi overhears people in the stands comment how he must be an adult playing against teenagers or must have been held back several years. To not give up To not inconvenience the team Possess the self-awareness of an ace He likes it! Azumane Asahi Discover more posts about azumane asahi x reader. He eventually is able to deflect a spike off Kunimi's arm. Nishinoya agrees to come back to practice. HaikyÅ«!! Rōmaji Sugawara tosses to him and he smashes it with all his power, causing everyone on the court to be shocked and amazed by his prowess. Seiyu Information At the next training camp at Shinzen High, Asahi continues to work on his new serve but still continues to struggle with the amount of strength he puts in it and his aiming. He is also able to eventually beat date tech's iron wall. but says that he won't play until Asahi returns. Asahi isn't mentioned until Nishinoya arrives and asks if Asahi had returned to the club. Near the end of the first set, Asahi informs Daichi and Sugawara of Nishinoya's current whereabouts and activities. He is able to finally perfect his spike time and deliver a powerful block-out that wins the last set for Karasuno. But today, I wanted some time with you. 東峰 旭 Most likely being affected by the negativity, Asahi's serve goes directly into the net. They started arguing again and this time, Nishinoya broke a vase in front of the vice principal's office, causing him to get a 1-week suspension from school and 1-month break from club activities. Asahi ultimately decides to stay on the team with the shared hope of making it to the Spring Tournament. Debut Information It's a collection of photos and poems of people living in the harsh wilderness. January 1, 1995 Karasuno would eventually go on to win the match when Hinata and Kageyama were able to block the twins trying their quick attack. [01.01] Happy 26th birthday Azumane Asahi! O--O Position: The Ace Birthday: Jan. 1st He and Kageyama would later hesitate to make a receive and barely get the ball back over to Seijoh's side. Even before he entered Karasuno, he already had a reputation of spiking like a high schooler[2]. Asahi joins Karasuno in the practice match against Nekoma. After a few minutes of the match, Asahi realizes how dependable and mature Sugawara has become in his absence. His eyes are brown and slanted.He tends to wear brightly colored shirts that typically have … Thanks to Nishinoya's jump set, Asahi was able to score and put an end to Oikawa's serve; although Sugawara would point out that Asahi and Nishinoya were the two most surprised of their attack working. Aliases: Publisher ... Birthday: n/a. English Actor Takeda spoke with him and the other third years about whether they should stay with the team or not as they may want to use the time to plan for their futures. Miyagi Prefecture Outside Hitter Ace "Azumane-kun, I've been trying to find the opportunity to get some alone time with you, but with Volleyball and you being with Nishinoya-kun all the time I could never find the time or place. Nishinoya is the shortest member in the team, standing at 159.3 cm (now at 160.5 cm as of chapter 207). With quarantine and everything that has happened this year, his birthday … Just before the match against Kakugawa High, Asahi and some of the other Karasuno players watch Kakugawa's first match and almost all of them are right away frightened by the height of YÅ«dai Hyakuzawa. In the S… Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. During the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Asahi has joined Nishinoya in his travels and they send a photo of themselves to their friends showing they are currently in Egypt. HaikyÅ«!! While the team is having their measurements done for the Spring Tournament, Asahi is noted to be one of those who keeps a close eye on Hinata when the middle blocker is having his spiking height measured. After the match, Hinata approaches Asahi and says that he’ll create the pathway for the ace and become the strongest decoy. Half-way into the third set, Asahi is able to bring the score to a tie after Kageyama nearly gave the set to Hinata. The Inarizaki side was so impressed that they praised his serve. He overhears Hinata and Kageyama speaking about their upcoming match with Nekoma High School, and when Asahi expresses his surprise, Daichi catches him loitering. GIF by readbiotofindnewblog. Like many on the team, Asahi is surprised by the wild and free spirit and energy of Johzenji. The next day, when Kageyama and Hinata once again approach Asahi to implore him to come back to the club, he asks why they are so persistent on him returning. Asahi was instantly fearful that he had hurt Hinata but was relieved when the first year was fine and instead apologized to him. He is known for a strong spike that can blast past most defenders. He has long hair which is usually styled as a bun behind his head and dark brown eyes matching his hair as well as his eyebrows. But when it came to him he chuckled softly. é aluno do terceiro ano na escola Karasuno, e também é o ace do time de vôlei masculino do colégio. He also appears to be growing a short scruff on his chin, his overall appearance makes him look way beyond his age yet slightly unapproachable. Halfway into the second set, Asahi tells Tsukishima that his role as a blocker for Karasuno is as important as when Hinata and Kageyama can manage their quick attack, stating that being able to defend so well against Date Tech is an amazing thing to do and will help lead the team to victory. | Admin Yukippe The second generation Karasuno cast has recreated this New Year's Da... y illustration from 2017 by Furudate-sensei. I hope you guys like this video but happy birthday Asahi ILY bye now everyone enjoy the video ok bye now.Song ILY Artist Surt Mesa He is later requested to help Daichi and Nishinoya try to receive Oikawa's serve. When Kageyama asks Sugawara if Asahi injured himself, he replies by saying that Asahi started to grow away from volleyball after he wasn't able to score against Date Tech High, and lost all his self-confidence. Image gallery He is able to score when the ball drops between the blockers and the net. Crush: Uhm.... Dislikes: Unholy thing. Though he had put on a brave appearance at the time, Asahi shows to be nervous about facing the team again. He and the others would find some difficulty in their early attacks when Kageyama was off his game. Daichi figures it is due to the camp looking for more mature players and Nishinoya's overly excited nature may have caused him to be overlooked. His power behind his spikes would be highly praised by Hidemi Tashiro an Hiroki Kurokawa. After Sugawara was subbed into the game to allow Kageyama to cool down, Asahi attempts a back attack but Hanamaki is able to receive the spike. He's visibly disappointed at being blocked, but Nishinoya saves the ball at the last second and says that as long as he (Nishinoya) is there, Asahi doesn't need to worry about the blocks. As such, he is often trusted with the responsibility to score when faced with multiple blockers. Asahi is able to score Karasuno's first point of the second set even though Aone was nearly able to stop him after having jumped to block when he thought Hinata would get the set. #asahi azumane #asahi x reader #asahi's birthday #happy birthday asahi! Asahi is the most powerful attacker in Karasuno. Asahi nervously adds that he’ll do his best too, if he’s allowed back into the team. Seus olhos são castanhos escuros, a mesma cor de seus cabelos. #東峰旭生誕祭2021. The Revived Ace Negative Goatee (By Kōshi Sugawara) Maneazu (By Bokuto) Beard-kun (by Oikawa) Goatee Guy "Big Gun" Samurai Guy Man Bun (by various in anime) Japan Sugawara is subbed into the game when Karasuno is at match point. Wearing his clothes. Name: Asahi Azumane Favorite things: Holy water, Nishinoya, and Jesus. Before the second set, Ukai reveals that he will be moving the rotation two places ahead in order to keep Hinata from being paired against Aone. Occupation After high school, Asahi is revealed to have attended a fashion college in Tokyo and has become a fashion designer. The next day Asahi didn't come to practice and Nishinoya approached him by Asahi's classroom. Nishinoya tells Asahi that he could spike in a similar style but Asahi playfully replies that it might not be possible for him to do this. Real name for this character. Asahi continues to attempt to land various spikes through the game. Died: None Issues Died. He does not stand out much during most of the first set due to Hinata and Kageyama gaining Date Tech's caution with their super quick attack. See more ideas about asahi, haikyuu anime, haikyuu characters. Though he admits that he is a little nervous at the thought, Asahi is determined not to be outdone. Although shown to be nervous beforehand, Asahi was ready to help his team get their revenge against Seijoh. Sugawara had attempted to help the ace ignore the comments. “Happy birthday, Asahi~” you coo to him in a soft loving tone. The libero would take matters into his own hands by performing his self punishment of finger push-ups in the middle of the court. Like the rest of the team, Asahi is surprised to hear Kageyama was invited to the All-Japan Youth Camp but at the same time wonders why Nishinoya was not invited. Manga When somebody else calls for the ball, Asahi finds his resolve, calling loudly for Suga to toss him the ball while telling himself that he is not fighting alone - and that he is indeed the Ace of Karasuno. In contrast to his appearance, he is rather quiet and gentle and has difficulties realizing that he is Karasuno's ace, as he initially doesn't feel that way. His timing is slightly off and his powerful spike instead becomes a feint shot that still catches Inarizaki by surprise. Azumane Asahi (3071) Sugawara Koushi (2028) Sawamura Daichi (1949) Hinata Shouyou (1719) Kageyama Tobio (1615) Tanaka Ryuunosuke (1574) Tsukishima Kei (1357) Yamaguchi Tadashi (1263) Kuroo Tetsurou (1030) Include Relationships Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu (3649) Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi (1836) Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio (1548) Manga (Timeskip) Likes Later, Sugawara approaches him and tells him that Nishinoya has returned - and he asks him to return as well. During the barbecue, Asahi mingles with several players and tried to help Yachi when she accidentally ate a piece of charred meat but his efforts and the help of others did not work because she was too terrified to answer them. Asahi is successful in getting Atsumu to make the first receive but Osamu is able to cover for his brother and set to Suna for a c-quick. As if he didn’t even remember that it was his birthday, his eyes went wide for a moment. Position He stares at his hand and realizes how much he misses volleyball. Asahi storming off after breaking the broom. January 1, Asahi Azumane (18/23) January 6, Kiyoko Shimizu (18/23) January 23, Haruki Komi (17/23) January 27, Takahiro Hanamaki (17/23) January 29, Keisuke Unnan (17/23) February 10, Takehito Sasaya (17/23) February 14, Hayato Yamagata (17/23) February 17, Ren Oomini (17/23) February 19, Hayato Ikejiri (17/23) March 1, Issei Matsukawa (17/23) Hinata says that he wants to see the real Ace of Karasuno in action and says the upperclassmen aren't satisfied without Asahi. When Daichi asks him to return, Asahi says what might Nishinoya and Sugawara think, to which Daichi replies by saying they'll keep quiet about it, and if he still loves volleyball, that's reason enough for Asahi to return. Happy Birthday Asahi Azumane || Haikyuu! In the second set of the match, Asahi and his teammates would be caught off guard when Aoi Himekawa used a ceiling serve to disrupt their rhythm to score several service ace's. Also Known As Unnamed Older Sister[1] As they were arguing, Nishinoya pushed Asahi backwards and Asahi broke a broom by stepping on it; even now, the broom is still in the storage room. Home country Its been noted by Atsumu and Asahi himself that he always starts games at around 70% power on his serves and spikes and increases the power gradually as the game goes on reaching 100% towards the end, with each time he increases the power and accuracy of the serve and spikes. asahi #asahi oneshot. Ele possui cabelos longos, pouco acima aos ombros, que normalmente estão presos em um coque apertado. Asahi is able to start perfecting his serve near the end of the camp but during the match against Fukurōdani he uses a regular serve as he was fearful that he would ruin the teams chance to win if he used a jump serve. 🎉 🎁 Happy birthday - Asahi Azumane 😍 🤩 🎉 🎁 +7 Kureo Cosplayer added 10 new photos to the album: Azumane Asahi - Haikyuu — with Supamart Kitinam . Background Information Asahi-kun, I see a happy birthday in your future. He is able to cleanly spike through blocks that Daichi brags won't be able to stop Asahi unless he were faced with an iron wall[4]. When he is getting ready to serve, Asahi has a flashback of when he spoke to Ukai about how he tends to use too much of his strength when he serves during a match. Supporting Ennoshita in trying to convince Tanaka that he is not at fault for Daichi's injury, Asahi tells the second year that they are grateful that he too didn't have to be removed from the game. Near the end of the practice match, Asahi is blocked by Aone but seems to have finally overcome his fear of being faced against the iron wall. This channel and its videos are not meant for or targeted towards individuals under the age of 13. Happy Birthday. Post-timeskip He would mentally apologize to the Inarizaki team for this[6]. When Karasuno reached match point, Tanaka was able to make a miraculous save on Daichi's receive after Oikawa and Iwaizumi made an amazing play. After Kageyama is forced to receive Ginjima's serve that hits the top of the net, Tsukishima goes to make the set to him. Despite his shorter stature, he has a fairly muscular build. As of 2018, he is working as an apparel designer in Tokyo. His jersey number (3) is symbolic, considering how his specialty is spiking (and how spiking is usually the third contact) He, along with Daichi and Sugawara, form a set. In the Anime High School Student (3rd Year, Class 3) - 2012. He would later apologize to the team for changing his serve, claiming that he his regular serve was just begging for the champion team to attack them. Gender Nov 8, 2020 - Explore Alana Werwa's board "Azumane Asahi" on Pinterest. Daichi Sawamura. There are many rumors going around about Asahi mainly due to his physical appearance, including he is the leader of a gang, he deals illegal substances such as drugs, and he's been in high school for five years. Asahi attended Sekodai Junior High where he played as a wing spiker. The power of his serves would impress Terushima. With Nishinoya somewhat back on track, he was able to receive the next serve and Asahi would attempt to aim his spike at Atsumu to make him get the first touch. Anime During one of their matches against Nekoma, Asahi and Hinata collide during a play when Hinata seemed to try to take the set meant for the ace. During the Karasuno vs Date Tech match back during his second year, all of his spikes were blocked, causing Asahi to feel disappointed in himself and blame himself for his team's loss. His best spike is when he's given a high toss that is slightly away from the net. The ball goes up in the air and Sugawara is unable to decide who to toss to, despite the fact that Kageyama tells Sugawara to toss to Asahi until he can score. Asahi Azumane Real Name: Real Name. https://haikyuu.fandom.com/wiki/Asahi_Azumane?oldid=105871, Jumping Reach: 333 cm (spike) / 310 cm (block), Current Concern: When he tells people he's a student, nobody believes him; 1st years are afraid of him; girls in his class say things like "Even though he looks the way he does, he's kinda weak" and then get themselves disappointed; also his future plans; the captain being scary.... (cut for length). He regularly styles his wild dark brown hair by ruffling most of it upwards, adding 10 cm to his height; the tiny tuft of hair that falls over his forehead appears to be bleached a dirty blond. After Karasuno wins the match, Asahi happily welcomes Daichi back to the team. Drama CD, Asahi mentions that 'Don't Give up, Kamchatka' is his Bible. When Kageyama and Hinata ask Nishinoya who Asahi is, he says that he was the Ace of Karasuno, or should be. When leaving his classroom along with Sugawara, he comes across Kageyama and Hinata and tells them to do their best. He shows to be weak-willed at the beginning when he leaves the team before the first years come, feeling that he let down his entire team when they lost against Date Tech High even though they counted on him. He is able to keep his promise when he scores past Kindaichi. A month later, Kageyama and Hinata convinced him to rejoin the team after much persistence, mostly from Hinata. Asahi replies that no matter what anyone's position is, the player whom the enemies fear the most is the coolest, and Hinata happily agrees. Back on the court, he apologizes to Tsukishima as the new rotation means that he will be faced against Aone more than anyone else though Tsukishima does not seem bothered by this as he claims that the blockers will not pay such close attention to him and instead have put all their attention on the ace. Thanks to Hinata's effectiveness as a decoy, Asahi is able to score several times and even manages to get a service ace. Despite the off sets, Asahi was still able to make several spikes that earned Karasuno several points. Happy Birthday to the soft yet powerful Ace of Karasuno, Asahi Azumane!Disclaimer!!! Surprised, Asahi answers, "Wing Spiker," and Ukai tells him to play for the Neighbourhood Association team as they're short a player. After Yamaguchi's serve failed to go over the net, Asahi felt himself more at ease and began to play like usual. On the day of the Neighborhood Association scrimmage, Hinata catches sight of Asahi peering through the gym window, and Keishin Ukai angrily asks him what position he plays. After a while, Asahi scores the final point, and wins the match for the Neighbourhood Association. After learning Hinata crashed the First Year training camp being held at Shiratorizawa Academy, Asahi would have to stop Nishinoya from attempting the same thing when the libero announced he would crash the camp as well. Later, when Asahi thinks about it while sitting in a grassy area, he gets up, hinting that he has made a decision. Follow. Though nervous prior to the match, Asahi was less rattled when the game began. Asahi joins in embracing the two first years in celebration. Asahi takes charge of getting the last hit over with a mid-air spike similar to what Terushima had done. At the start of the second set, it was clear that Nishinoya was starting to get targeted by Atsumu's jump serves. #haikyuu #azumane asahi #hq #haikyuu fluff #asahi #asahi fluff #haikyuu texts #haikyuu scenarios #hq fluff #hq scenarios #asahi smut #haikyuu smut More you might like. See a recent post on Tumblr from @alto-march-of-death about azumane asahi x reader. While admitting that he is not great at encouraging others because of his own self doubts, Asahi promises that he will do everything within his power to score points[7]. High School Student (3rd Year, Class 3) - 2012 He apologizes to the team for his mistake and they try to help him get past the incident. For majority of the first set, Asahi is mostly seen spiking and receiving. When Daichi says he hasn't come back, Nishinoya storms out, saying "a coward will remain a coward". https://haikyuu.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Fattieschan/Haikyuu! Character Info He would join the teams attempts at working on the synchronized attack. #asahi birthday oneshot #rae writes #haikyuu!! Family When they ask him why doesn't he return despite being the Ace, he replies by saying "Sorry, I'm no Ace", and leaves. Pre-timeskip When Hinata and Kageyama are about to leave, Kageyama tells Asahi that even he recently realized that volleyball doesn't depend on one player, but on the team of six players. When Hinata describes he's now able to get past high blocks with the help of Kageyama, Asahi is tempted to return and recalls how he used to feel while playing volleyball. fwb, hey, wrong friend! When the Miya twins later copied the freak quick attack, Asahi was the only one who reacted to try to stop it but was not fast enough to stop Osamu's spike. Late in the second set, Karasuno witnesses Aran spike from above a triple block. The last half of the second set starts to put pressure on Asahi when the Date Tech blockers are able to start blocking him more. When Daichi is able to receive a serve from YÅ«to Kosaku that Kageyama would return from Inarizaki's territory, Asahi is able to score from the miraculous save by performing a block-out. Teams Storm (briefly seen) The One Known as the Ace (proper) When Daichi believes he should retire from the team and let the second years take over, Asahi confesses that he does not intend to go to college after high school and will continue with the club but would leave if the second and first years asked him to. He becomes inspired by Takeda and Ukai speak of how Karasuno has returned to the tournament stronger than ever but also how they must continue to adapt in order to overcome a powerful team like Seijoh. Asahi is mostly seen trying to receive spikes and taking part in the synchronized attack. Kanji He has long hair which is usually styled as a bun behind his head and dark brown eyes matching his hair as well as his eyebrows. After the match, he attempts to help first year Shibayama take down the net equipment but the younger teen was instantly terrified by Asahi's presence that he didn't notice the third year was trying to help him and tried to do it all himself. Sugawara feels more confident when Asahi returns and joins the Neighbourhood Association's side, just so that he can toss to Asahi again. After Hinata was able to score the final point that led to Karasuno's victory, Asahi joins his teammates in celebrating. During a time-out, Asahi would try to comfort Nishinoya but stating he knew Nishinoya was capable of overcoming that he is unable to receive Atsumu's serves. 184.7 cm (6' 0.7") - Apr 2012 186.4 cm (6' 1.4") - Nov 2012 10 (High School 1st Year) 3 (High School 3rd Year) A birthday I hope you'll enjoy with plenty more to come." Azumane Asahi (3046) Sugawara Koushi (2011) Sawamura Daichi (1931) Hinata Shouyou (1709) Kageyama Tobio (1603) Tanaka Ryuunosuke (1560) Tsukishima Kei (1347) Yamaguchi Tadashi (1253) Kuroo Tetsurou (1023) Include Relationships Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu (3621) Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi (1821) Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio (1539) See more ideas about Asahi, Haikyuu, Karasuno. Oct 21, 2017 - Explore Nova Sky's board "Asahi Azumane", followed by 219 people on Pinterest. Asahi Azumane Thanks to Daichi receiving Atsumu's next float serve, Asahi is able to score for Karasuno. !edit #dailyhaikyuu #fyeahkarasuno #fysportsanime #allanimanga #dailysportsanime #dailyanime #azumane asahi #asahi #hq #haikyuu #gifs #* Aug 29, 2020 - Explore Frantseska Gkieli's board "asahi azumane" on Pinterest. Asahi has shown enough power to blast past triple blocks, hit balls hard enough to create water fall balls, and hitting hard enough to send the ball into the spectator area. In the Spring High Nationals arc, Asahi is shown wearing his hair back in a bun again. Prior to Karasuno's game against Tokonami, the team had encountered Date Tech and Asahi was right away targeted by Aone. In a flashback it is revealed how Nishinoya and Asahi fought when Asahi, frustrated, asks why none of them are blaming him for not scoring points during the Date Tech match. Weight To Asahi's unease, Hinata is recorded to have the same spiking height as himself but is determined not to be beaten so easily. If you are under 13, please leave this video now. Early in the first set, Asahi mostly is seen receiving or looking ready to attack. Karasuno's match against Tokonami goes by relatively quick and Karasuno is able to win with little trouble. He is unaware of the stress this was causing Kageyama who thought his sets were not to Asahi's preference until the first year finally snapped and demanded Asahi start scoring. Asahi talks about how they shouldn't always rely on Hinata's role as the decoy in order to score and he will do more to play like the team ace. 75.2 kg (165.8 lbs) Upon hearing it might be bothersome to the gods of asking for so many things during prayer, Asahi becomes nervous; confessing that he had asked for luck in his future, the health of his neighbor's elderly dog, and even in their games at nationals. In the English dubbing of the anime, he is one of the few characters referred to by his first name instead of his last name. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He quickly proves to be the strongest player when he is able to score a spike that even Yaku is not able to pick up though the libero had nearly done so on the first try. Asahi is mostly seen in a supporting role as Johzenji mainly had their focus set on Hinata. In manga chapters 234-277, Asahi's appearance on the rotation charts show his hair to be styled in the manner of the Spring Interhigh games in which he wore his headband. He tries to score with sheer force... and is still blocked. Like his team, Asahi is surprised when Aobajohsai suddenly stops marking Hinata when he attempts his wide broad attack and is stunned with Oikawa lands a setter dump during their hesitation.