Granite countertops provide a clean aesthetic for your overall interior design. There are a million advantages to granite countertops. Contact us and our team of professionals will provide you with the advice for the best choice. The main one is simple size and mass. This means that transportation costs can be expensive, especially if there are no granite quarries nearby. We have a large selection of granite bathroom countertops and marble vanity tops to choose from. Since they are completely natural their environmental impact is limited, especially if you choose a quarry near the construction site. Tile can be installed in small bathrooms or second-story rooms without difficulty. Cleaning granite countertops in the bathroom comes with a different set of challenges than cleaning your kitchen countertops, but the process is often very similar. Design By : Greystokes Millwork Ltd. Granite, the dense rock produced by ancient volcanos, has become one of the preferred substances for countertops. When considering granite countertops for your home, it is vital to plan ahead and make sure you have the right tools and skillset to mitigate any potential risk for a DIY install. Whether you want inspiration for planning a bathroom with granite countertops renovation or are building a designer bathroom from scratch, Houzz has 104,963 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Irwin Construction, LLC and Jinx McDonald Interior Designs. Mica produces brown or black veining while quartz gives pink, white or black hues to the stone. Although the high end may look pricey, granite overall is relatively inexpensive compared to other natural stone options. jQuery('body').not('.switcher').click(function(e) {if(jQuery('.switcher .option').is(':visible') && != jQuery('.switcher .option').get(0)) {jQuery('.switcher .option').stop(true,true).delay(100).slideUp(500);jQuery('.switcher .selected a').toggleClass('open')}}); function googleTranslateElementInit2() {new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en',autoDisplay: false}, 'google_translate_element2');}. Granite countertops are extremely heavy, especially if a single slab is used. x 3 in. Granite, marble, and quartz are all durable options for your bathroom countertops. These environmentally friendly kitchen surfaces are designed to be laid over existing kitchen benches and surfaces or installed as part of a new kitchen, bathroom… Avoid oils which may darken the appearance. The Polished surface is very resilient. There are also plenty of options when it … Granite countertops are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. The image of the bathroom can change dramatically because granite countertops look more elegant in space and give authenticity to the interior of the bathroom with different textures and colors. For larger bathrooms and upscale homes, granite can be purchased in single slabs. The good news is that you have affordable options. Classic Bathroom Countertop Design. Their classic elegance exudes distinction in the kitchen and bathroom, and matched with outstanding durability, the granite countertops you select might be the last countertops your home will ever need. Granite is a nonporous natural stone that is perfect for high traffic areas like your kitchen or bathroom. jQuery('.switcher .option').bind('mousewheel', function(e) {var options = jQuery('.switcher .option');if(':visible'))options.scrollTop(options.scrollTop() - e.originalEvent.wheelDelta);return false;}); The price differences depend on the style chosen, as well as on the type of edging treatments requested. Why choose granite vanity tops? The expert fabricators and installers of Max Granite are specialized in dealing with both commercial and residential bathroom. So, don’t wait any longer to stop in and browse an extensive collection of granite. Ron Bennett Marble is Sydney’s foremost supplier of Granite for Benchtops & Countertops. Ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles are traditional countertop materials often … How Much Will Granite Countertops Cost for the Bathroom? (jQuery('.switcher .option').is(':visible'))) {jQuery('.switcher .option').stop(true,true).delay(100).slideDown(500);jQuery('.switcher .selected a').toggleClass('open')}}); old formica to space-age recycled glass, there is a perfect surface for any bathroom. How Much Do Alternative Bathroom Countertop Options Cost? Quartz countertops range from about $80 to $140 per square foot, installed. Prefabricated Granite Countertops. If you are unsure of your ability to correctly install and/or seal your new granite countertops, consider hiring a qualified professional home remodeling contractor. For example, granite high in feldspar will have rich red or pink highlights. From good. Two different edges in all white kitchen. Granite, the dense rock produced by ancient volcanos, has become one of the preferred substances for countertops. Manufactured in quarries in countries all around the world and imported directly to our warehouse in Phoenix, our prefabricated granite countertops are high-quality, durable, and cost far less than slab countertops. Granite is a natural stone that is quarried and cut to your specifications. Of course any surface as attractive and durable as this is going to add permanent resale value to the home. We offer a wide range of integration possibilities. At Best Granite and Marble You Will Find Quality Bathroom Countertops at Affordable Prices! You will work with a company that takes pride in each and every job. They can be tinted in nearly any color, and when they're sealed they are essentially impervious to damage. Granite tile is every bit as heavy, but nowhere near as unwieldy. Tile is small and modular and can be adapted to nearly any surface. Avoid oils which may darken the appearance. Lighter coloured granite will benefit from a sealer to help prevent staining. keyValue[2].split('/')[2] : null;} Each piece of granite is unique so your bathroom countertops will have a varied and natural appearance, although they can be similar in color and style. old formica to space-age recycled glass, there is a perfect surface for any bathroom. Even a simple staircase can present large difficulties for a slab countertop. The ability to protect against wear, pressure and damage. This type of granite will not be of the highest quality—it may be less durable than higher quality granite, for example—but it will still have a beautiful appearance at a budget price. We have immediate access to a large range of granite with a least 40 varieties in stock. The only limits to the slab are the size of the room and the ability to install it. C&D Granite offers high quality bathroom countertops for your master or guest bathroom. Granite can be cut in any dimension and stained in nearly any color. jQuery('.switcher .selected').click(function() {jQuery('.switcher .option a img').each(function() {if(!jQuery(this)[0].hasAttribute('src'))jQuery(this).attr('src', jQuery(this).attr('data-gt-lazy-src'))});if(! They quarry the rock from a mountain, cut it in the shape you specify, and ship it to you. Granite bathroom vanity tops are exceptionally strong and offer firm protection from dents, scratches and marks. The floor must be strong enough to hold the countertop, and the cabinet that it sits on as well. In the bathroom, you face everything from water droplets that can discolor surfaces over time to buildup of residue from soap scum, toothpaste, and hairspray, to name just a few. Thousands of satisfied customers find them to be the perfect accessory for their modern homes. 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